Artwork licensing for books & music album covers

Did you like a piece in my gallery so much, you wish you could use it on your book cover, CD cover, magazine, or some other publication?

There is a number of images in my licensing portfolio that hadn’t been published anywhere yet, so you’re free to take your pick.

Artwork licensing for books & music album covers

What are the benefits of licensing over custom work?

  • No waiting

    Custom work takes a lot of time. Existing work is available immediately.

  • Often cheaper than custom work

    Going back and forth with a ton of revisions takes time, and this time is charged for accordingly. With licensing, you’re only paying for the license fee to use the work – not the process that went into creating it.

  • You know what you’re buying

    With custom work, you’re paying an advance for a result you haven’t seen yet, and you need to trust that it will turn out the way you wanted it. By purchasing a license to use an existing work, you’re able to see what you get before paying.

How much does it cost?

It depends on a variety of factors, so I need to know the details before I can give you an exact quote. Here are some parameters that affect the fee:

  • The type and format of your final product.
  • Whether you’re self-publishing or have a publisher.
  • How many copies you’re planning on producing.
  • How long you want to use the artwork for.
  • Whether you want world-wide exclusive rights, country exclusive rights, or non-exclusive rights.
  • Additional products you wish to use the work on (website, posters & flyers, T-shirts etc.)

Can you customize anything?

Depending on the artwork, minor details may be changed to better suit your publication or product, for example: artwork proportions, background color, character eye color, adding scars or beauty marks… Digital retouching in Adobe Photoshop is my specialty, so I can adapt most artworks.

How to proceed with licensing your artwork?

Pick which work from my licensing portfolio you’d like to use, and send me a message via my contact page. Let me know as much detail about your project as possible, and I’ll get back to you with a custom quote.